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avespa piaggio
zip - double-seater
highspeed 45km/h


Opening hours

mon - fri 9:00-17:00
sat / sun 9:00-11:00

The rental fee includes:
2 helmets
liability insurance
free kilometers
Terms of hire:

The minimum age to hire a scooter is 18 years.
We only rent scooters to customers who are used to drive scooters.
We do not make a contract with unexperienced drivers.
To rent a scooter you need a valid driving license/international driving license.
You have to pay a deposit of 200 euro in cash.
If the key is lost, 50 euros will be charged.
If one helmet or the registration document is lost, 70 euros will be charged.
The rent has to be payed in advance.
In case of accidents or damages a retention fee of 400 euros has to be payed from the customer.

Scooters are handed over with max. tank and need to be brought back with max. tank. If not, a lump price of 15 Euro will be charged.

Minimum rent time/day 24 hours.


VAT exempt according to § 6 section 1 line 27  (small business regulation).